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    Marshall Valvestate VS65 Reverb 1-12" Combo Amp Tube assist great sounding amp and excellent for Jazz as well.... $ 299.00

2006 Marshall Valvestate VS65R This is a great sounding professional level combo amplifier. This Marshall Amp delivers a stout 65 watts RMS into a 12 "Gold Back" Marshall speaker.This amp was quality built in England. Valvestate VS65R Combo Amp general specifications: 65 Watt RMS Valvestate power stage into 1x12" speaker ECC83 [12AX7] preamp tube active on both channels. Two separate channels: 'Clean'is great for Jazz tone and 'Overdrive'.for crushing Rock and great sounding Blues Treble, Middle and Bass controls plus Tone Shift switch for tonal options on the Clean channel. Gain, Volume, Treble, Bass and dramatic Contour control on the Overdrive channel. Built-in spring Reverb. Headphone jack (mutes the internal speaker). Line Out jack for connection to external equipment. This is an absolutely great sounding 1-12" Combo Amp!!! Just in pics soon to come, Its clean and like new/ no damage used and well taken care of , adult owned.


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