If your a new visitor to JVG then allow me Joe to welcome you to Joe's Vintage Guitars this is our online shop and again Thank you Shout-out to our best returning customers and friends. I feel you may likely find our quality vintage and pre owned guitars and equipment inventory interesting, so please have a good look around , then feel free to drop me an email or to call. I ask that you take a second RIGHT NOW to "save" Joe's Vintage Guitars in your Favorite sites so you can easily check in here as often as you want. our inventory changes often so if you don't see it ASK....Thanks. We carry many GREAT USA made vintage guitars amps and effects as well as great JAPANESE VINTAGE GUITARS = JVGuitars from 60+ year OLD VINTAGE USA built guitars to some as newer pieces finely crafted in Japan...mainly professional quality gear even some lesser known off brands but great value players that are also high quality, just solid performing stuff, no toys or junk. We do have some nice vintage parts as well so email your list. For you RELIC GUITAR LOVERS: We have for the past 16 years Proudly Produced the FINEST Authentic Looking Aged Pre CBS Fender style RELIC Green and aged white, Black bakolite , We even have exact aged Reproduction 1968 & 1969 Str@t & Tele = Pearl backed Pick Guards aged for your restoration as well as other reproduction parts, pearloid. Gold anodized aluminum Pick Guards available anywhere. We can make you a custom matched pick guard to YOUR GUITAR to fit your vintage Strat-Tele as well as many other models too feel free to ASK...
Many have said "that our aged reproduction Relic pick guards can pass" look them up in PARTS & ACCESSORIES drop me an email line and tell me about your guitar and what you would ultimately like I'm sure we can help. We carry high quality gear from the worlds greatest instrument makers such as Gibson, Tokai, Fender, Ibanez, Alvarez, Yairi hand built acoustic guitars, Mesa Boogie, Greco, Burny , Edwards,Orville, Yamaha, Aria and so many the other greats...We love the early JAPANESE VINTAGE GUITARS known as golden era guitars, Also sometimes called " law suit Guitars " this era is know for making very high quality well crafted instruments in many cases hand crafted so called copy guitars. We are also buyers $$$ of these type of guitars - Amps and effects, so if you do have these types of quality instruments in very good playing condition then please email us with a full description and a few good quality detailed jpegs of the items and we will have a serious look at it and get back to you to discuss further... We do take professional grade "trade in" guitars etc...You will find high quality pictures of most all of our inventory so please ALLOW TIME for the "THUMBNAIL" pictures to load then if you want to see more details and more pictures of that and most any item,..angles - back- headstock ect...CLICK ON - that pictured item, just click that image or the link above the pic and you will see more pictures and information. Please feel free to email us with any further questions you may have or wish to "LAY AWAY" an item..layaway is OK too. ***BUYERS ARE TO FULLY READ AND AGREE TO OUR CLEARLY LISTED TERMS OF SALE "BEFORE" MONEY IS TO EXCHANGE HANDS read terms please for a most pleasurable transaction. Thank you for visiting Joe's Vintage Guitars! We are also known as JVGuitars = JAPANESE VINTAGE GUITARS. We also NOW CARRY VINTAGE AUDIO equipment Old School US Tube Powered Receivers and High Output Japanese High Quality Solid State Old School Receivers & Amplifiers if you want to hear your music sound like a live performance in your home you gotta here these Old School Stereo's I could have sworn FOREIGNER was playing Live in our living-room. We carry the best in Vintage brands like FISHER, Sansui, Pionier, Marantz, Yamaha, Bose and others. After several years with the high end Bose Acoustimass surround sound Audio system its cost was over $2700.00 that sounded very good yet lacked the true dynamic rage of fedility and well to put it simply the ( balls ) to sound like a live performance that I seek, I broke out my old powerhouse system I had in the 80's the Sansui 8080 Receiver and I cleaned her up and cranked it up with a set of old school 901's and oooooh what a MONSTER I love it!.. I forgot just how great these powerful golden era 70's units really sound... So if your tunes are less than that live performance sound then I suggest that you can Get Back to the future and enjoy that old school powerhouse sound again Today! Just Ask we got um! PLEASE NOTE: Our email has changed for the new year 2013 is now... JVGuitars@gmail.com any reference to our old email should be changed to our new email address JVGuitars@gmail.com thank you Joe

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