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1977 Greco L-4CES RARE high end Japan crafted JAZZ box set up READY to SWING

Here is a fresh JVG- Vintage Vault release of a gorgeous 1977 GRECO L-4 CES-NT Blond flamed AAAA maple top of the line es175 style L-4 wow incredibly RARE LAWSUIT model in top vintage condition Grecoís answer to the Super 70s loaded pafís. I must say she's in Amazingly well preserved vintage condition its in top playing condition neck is excellent angle itís straight itís frets are original vintage and show little to no significant wear considered excellent, and it sounds absolutely sweet with some great Wes Montgomery tones fresh set up with George Benson flat wounds.. she's ready to swing , A true vintage Japanese collectible and clearly she has that beautiful genuine Patina now vintage guitar of 37 + years but color is that of a wonderfully aged blond with the patina of a real vintage instrument now with charector wow . These are rarely seen available for sale and are a very highly favorite top rated High end Greco collectible. As a player this instrument is professional grade simply a must have for the Jazz man thinking about purchasing a Gibson es175-L-4cesnt got 2 -3 x the price. Any questions please feel free to ask email Joe at jvguitars@gmail.com She's just in an in stock available. Thank you for your interest Joe

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