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    1977 Pioneer SX850 Stereo Receiver 65 Watts RMS Per Chanel ....great warm tube like Powerhouse Made in Japan WoW!...$379.00

Here we have a Beautiful silver faced work of ART... this one was created in 1977 by Pioneer crafted in Japan... This is the SX850 stereo receiver and is in beautiful form and is EZ on the eyes and is ready to serve another 35 years.... Rich Warm high power tone ..nice deep rich bass response & brilliant highs... this is a great sounding unit with VERY GOOD Power...conservatively rated at 85 watts RMS per Chanel @ 8 Olms conservatively rated... sounds so good!! Description: In 1977 this was one of Pioneer's top of the line receivers and listed for $500 US..this would translate to about $2900 today, as a matter of fact one of the higher quality vintage receivers you will find all & all still today. Besides the obvious above average craftsmanship quality the components are all considered quite high end by todays standards, a rich array of features and great a sound, this unit offers a large reserve of output power and is an excellent unit for powerful listening.... that "live sound" I call it. Examining the features among many we find: 2 x 85 W RMS @ 4 Ohms, sufficient input capacity, a 4 section tuning capacitor, and all in all - a great piece of quality gear! This unit was serviced Switches and controls are cleaned, as needed. All burned out indicator or dial illumination lamps are replaced. All inputs, outputs and functions are tested. The FM section is aligned for maximum sensitivity, maximum separation, minimum distortion and correct dial calibration. Amplifiers, including receivers and integrateds, are tested for rated power output, distortion and noise. The DC offset and bias are checked and adjusted. Any necessary repairs or modifications are performed. This particular unit is in great shape to perform well for years to come! Features ( Physical, Detailed): FRONT PANEL: (Left to right then top to bottom): Indicator lights for: Speaker A, Speaker B, FM Stereo; Tuner Signal strength Indicator Meter and tuning center meter; Indicator lights for the selected inputs/functions: AM, FM, Phoni1, Phono, 2, Aux; Tuning knob (full aluminum with internal flywheel), Tuning dial with dial pointer, Headphone Jack; push button switches: Speakers A, B, FM: MPX noise filter, FM muting off; Input selectors: AM, FM, Phono1, Phono 2/Microphone; Microphone input jack; bottom row switches / controls: Power on/off, Bass +/- 5 (dial marks not dB), Bass turnover frequencies: 400 / 200 Hz, Tone control: On/Off, Treble turn over frequencies: 2K5 Hz / 5 K Hz, Treble control: +/- 5 (dial maks not dB); Low filter 30 Hz on/off, high Filter 6 Khz on/off, Tape function switches: Duplicate on/off, Tape monitor 1 on/off, tape monitor 2 on/off, Adapter on/off, Balance control, Mode switch: stereo/mono, Loudness switch on/off, volume, muting switch: -20 db; REAR PANEL: 2 Phono ground connectors, Inputs (RAC jacks - listed in pairs): Phono1, Phono 2, Aux, Tape 1: REC + PB, Tape 2 REC and PB + 5 pin DIN (European connector), FM detector output for 4 channel, switch: FM deemphisis: 25 uS / 75 uS, 4 speaker outputs for 2 pairs of speakers, AM ferrite antenna - movable!, Antenna input terminals: AM, Ground, 2 fo FM 300 Ohm balanced, 1 for a 75 Ohm coax cable, Pre-amplifier outputs / main amp inputs - connected with bridges that can be removed. 1 un-switched 110V AC outlet 100W max, 2 switched 110V AC outlets - 200W max, power chord inlet Technical Specifications / Features: Tuner: FM 4 section variable tuning capacitor, dual gated FETs in the front end, AM 3 section variable tuning capacitor, RF Sensitivity 1.8 uV - Stereo: 44 uV, FM Harmonic Distortion Mono: 0.15%, Stereo 0.3 %, 50 dB muting sensitivity. Preamplifier: Tone Control Defeat function, Tone controls: Bass +/- 7 dB, or +/- 10 dB @ 100 Hz. Bass Turnover frequency options: 200 Hz or 400 Hz. Treble Adjustment +/- 7 dB, or +/- 10 dB @ 10 kHz. Treble Turnover frequency options: 5 kHz or 2.5 kHz. High Filter 6 kHz, 6 dB/octave, Low Filter 30 Hz, 6 dB/octave. Gain Control: Muting 20 dB. Loudness Contour, Stereo Mono Switch. Amplifier: 85W @ 4 ohms, 65W @ 8 ohms - per Chanel! Total Harmonic Distortion / Intermodulation Distortion (THD / IM ) 0.1%, Input Impedance 50 k-Ohms, Input Sensitivity: 1 volt for Full Output, Output Impedance(s) 8 to 4 Ohms Condition: Electronically: completely serviced / cleaned / passed. Physical condition: very good-excellent.


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