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    1970s Pioneer SX1010 Stereo Receiver 110 watts RMP Per Channel Black Faced series ... Beautiful Monster with a Refinished Cabinet ...$OLD

Just in and we are very proud to make available for your listening pleasure is yet another Vintage Japanese Great ... Stereo Monster Receiver..... its the great & mighty Pioneer model SX-1010 AM/FM receiver in excellent condition. I must say this this series is a very classic & beautiful combination of lights face plate and wood...... This one the cabinet was refinished because of wear over time so its been fully refreshed with a breand new look.... must see & hear this one is Beautiful & sounds amazing ...Rated very conservatively at 100 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms. This unit was absolutely Top of the line for the "black out dial" series, has every bell and whistle available at the time. This unit needs to be heard and should be someone's primary unit and these love to be turned up a bit the thunderous tone really comes alive with a great pair or quad of speakers...vintage preferred... monster speakers from this era are what these units are born for.. This ...has been serviced in its past just a general cleaning & a few caps at the time that was several years ago we use it here but with little use since in our work out room and low power use only really since ..and just fully tested and She's working good Pics soon to come! Controls: Bass 50Hz +/-5dB Bass 100Hz +/-10dB Treble 10kHz +/-10dB Treble 20kHz+/-5dB Balance Volume Switches (Toggle): Power Tone Off Tape Duplicate Tape Monitor 1 Tape Monitor 2 Adaptor 4-CH Adaptor Dolby NR Switches (Push): Spkr-A Spkr-B Spkr-C Low Cut High Cut -20dB AM FM Phono 1 Phono 2 Mic Aux Mono Loudness Dimmer: Bright/Dimm FM Muting Off Jacks: Mic-L Mic-R Headphones 1 Headphones 2 Indicators: Signal Strength Meter Tuning Meter STEREO SP-A SP-B SP-C LOW HIGH -20dB AM FM PH-1 PH-2 MIC AUX MONO LOUD Rear Panel: AC Outlet Unswitched (2) AC Outlet Switched Phono 1 (L, R) Phono 2 (L, Aux Input (L, R) Tape Monitor 1 Rec (L, R) Tape Monitor 1 PB (L, Tape Monitor 2 Rec (L, R,) Tape Monitor 2 PB (L, R, Pre-Out (L, R) Power-In (L, 4-CH MPX Output Adapter 4-CH Out (L, Adapter 4-CH In (L, R) Adapter Dolby NR Out (L, Adapter Dolby NR In (L, R) Speaker System A (L, Speaker System B (L, R) Speaker System C (L, Shipping Weight 56 lbs. $499.95


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