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    1974 Ibanez L-5 ces Old-Prototype Replica of the great Gibson L5ces BLOND this baby is top of the line Super Flamed and a GREAT Pro level Jazz Box Vintage Japanese Master Craftsmanship

Here we have yar another very early TRUE-Pre Law Suit PROTOTYPE REPLICA by the great Ibanez this is a GB George Benson type Prototype correct & detailed Replica L-5ces done right from head to toe just have a good look at the pics. This is a great Jazz Box in a rare High Quality verssion in rare form with beautifully deeply flamed blond maple beauty wow! This is another early one obviously TOP MASTER LUTHIER MADE and well hand crafted in Japan. This example is one of those survivors made under the radar of Gibson I'm told these were “prototype" guitars this one is a pre serial # model and I can hardly stress enough how these rare issues were known to be built to very high detailed standards and at this time frame they also used some very amazingly beautiful superior wfigured - byrdseye & flamed AAAA woods. Better than many us makers used at that time, This vintage example was built to Replicate the late 1950's- early 1960's Built to Gibson Specifications some folks say that the built quality of these early Ibanez guitar replicas are so good it likely exceed most or many of the Gibby's mid-70's -79 period examples by the Gibson counterpart. This is one of the great very early true Open Book Famous headstock this is THE ONE .... these types of guitars is what caused the “Law Suits" that cost Ibanez and a few others quite a bit of trouble from the American Companies in the early 80's. This example is in SUPER NICE all round condition, for its age it's “about 37+ years old " The body is Premium AAA and again its pretty darn clean, the Nitrocellulose Lacquer finish has now beautifully ambered with natural aging, It has excellent original frets. Top high grade I'm told is German AAA Sitka spruce , it has a nice clear sweet sound unplugged and very resonant ,very good tone , the aged tone woods used have paid off nicely. Clean yet mellowed nicely with over 37 years time passing well taken care of in California. Now nicely golden & ambered with age and natural Patina only time can create. Its crafted using only highly AAA flamed premium Maple sides-back & neck. The high quality original Gold hardware shows its age with some fading. The two paf humbuckers sing & ring with great soulful and bluesy jazz tones and is quite versatile and easily comparable to that American "big named" L-5 guitar. This one came to us without a case and since we had purchased a very good used Gibson hard shell case it does the job well and is optionally available from $160 additional. With this vintage gem you will have no need to spend $7,500 -$16,000 on something comparable in the Gibson line… or a Japanese crafted DeAngelico those are made by Greco which is the very same Company making this L-5. ( We also do have in stock a vintage Japanese Greco L-5ces type in Sunburst you may want to see ) Like fine wine this one has aged & mellowed quite nicely over the past 37+ years and is truly a very fine and rare example to bring it will bring joy to your Jazz play and or recording no matter what your style of playing is I'm sure taken care of properly this will easily last a lifetime and then some... This is one of the very best of the best. THis is what I first saw the great smooth jazzman George Benson playing live back in the 70's at this show I got up real close to see his him & what he was dong first hand up super close & I was totally astonished by his cool smooth yet explosive style and then I noticed what he used to get that sound it was an Ibanez like this one this time and not the Gibson that I had been hearing him play on?... ya that show here in Northern California and early recordings thats what I was hearing..this is before Ibanez custom made the GB10 thet George himself completely designed.... but this one the one in these days when George came out guns blazing smooth style... needless to say this guitar should more than fit the bill for you.. its can do it all. note: these old Ibanez PAFs humbuckers are highly sought after now by players in the know... these are exact replicase of the old Gibson Paf design said to be just about as good as they get...this guitar sounds as good as it looks.... Pics not yet taken but will be soon enough Keep an eye out... if any questions or if ready to purchase one for yourself drop me an email to gr8bids@cocast.net Thanks for your interest Regards Joe


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