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    1968-69 Strat Pickup set Reborn Old 69s Gray Bottom / staggered Poles Jimi Era style! ....$119.00

Here is something of a passion of mine the past several years I have been at the bench working for the past 5 years on our latest JVGuitars Reborn Old re-creation from the vintage 60s our own Vintage Basement.... necessity is the Mother of Invention they say this is our own line of vintage RE-Creation pickups I use these now in my Reborn Old line of custom guitars. I was looking for a realistic 1968-69 strat sound. One of my favorite Strat sounds I ever experienced was from a little Trio came out with an album called Electric Lady Land..I had it on Reel to Real and man it sounded amazing that was an excellent quality recording you can really hear Jimi's tone RING Hauntingly threw to your soul... talking to you directly I knew Jimi personally or at least he could make you feel like that it seemed... anyway I listened endlessly it seemed... back when I was starting High School the Jimi Hendrex Experience ban came out... wow my band mates and myself could not believe what we were hearing and the sound that Jimi could get from his used strat... That is the classic strat tone in my minds eye... Sound effects aside when Jimi's strat was just serious as in he meant it and pure sounding pretty clean at times talk about expressive ....WoW I would like to present a great sounding vintage Strat set made here in USA my own version of one of my favorite year stats tone wise the JVG 69 Reborn Old gray bottoms staggered poles I have spared no expense in the development our building of these aged replicas... These have been developed over several years of trials and tweaking until this is my finest replica 1969 style pickups I have produced yet- as used in some of our own Reborn Old Str. Style guitars. I have sourced out some original manufactures of things like vintage correct real fiber bobbins,the same as original grey fiber bottom plates, authentic Formvar , same 42 gauge plain enamel wire, same black and white cloth leads, we even sourced the premium beveled German Alnico rod magnets •Bridge Pickup 6.5k •Mid Pickup 6.5K •Neck Pickup 5.8K •60's style black fiberboard top plate •Cloth covered leads •Alnico 5 Magnets •Vintage staggered / beveled pole • Vintage plain enamel wire •Potted in real Beeswax . These JVG 69 Reborn Old Strat pickups Our custom JVG Pickups recreate that vintage tone remember hearing as a kid..great sounding cranked up threw a nice tube amp meant for outstanding tone especially for classic Rock and Blues!! There are lots of handmade pickups out there- Iknow I'v tried just about all of them personally in my Strat .....really these JVG RO 69's sound Awesome…. as with vintage strats to create a "Humbucking" effect, the middle pickup is reverse wound- now positions 2 and 4 on your 5-way are NOISELESS or for you 3 way old schoolers in between positions are noiseless. We retail these for $199 for the complete calibrated set- which is less than most any comparable "boutique" pickups out there. You get ALL THREE calibrated pickups, the screws, springs and wiring instructions. These pickups come one way thats realistically aged so they look right at home in your 1969 Strat or Custom JVG Recreation and sounding like the real deal.... PS: I'm still in the basement working & fine tweaking on my Vintage Tele pickups SOON to COME!... pics soon to come


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