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    1973 J200 vintage acoustic made in JAPAN by Ibanez Hoshino tory made labeled SIERRA This is NOT a Gibson Wow 40+ years old excellent vintage $OLD OUT

Just SOLD OUT: and receiving a new set up with fresh Martin strings .....1973 Ibanez Hoshino Factory made Lawsuit model Gibson J200 copy The label inside says Sierra made in Japan by Ibanez in 1973. This is a very well made likeness of the Gibson J200 Jumbo acoustic guitar. Recently taken in on trade we were very pleased to acquire this Rare early high quality example many more seen from 1976 on this is A 1973 made beauty. Very nice woods I noticed upon inspection and structurally excellent its top is nice and flat no bulging or bridge pull noted on this one she is excellent, The Solid Spruce top is beautifully grained and its patina and color is perfect with just a few minor doinks / no cracks all bracing is excellent as well… Its back body is Maple and so are the sides and are a nice grade of maple as well its grain is quite striking with no cracks or checking of finish noted no she is pretty clean overall The neck is a nice medium profile C and is 1-11/16 ths at the BONE nut neck is made of solid mahogany and is also in great shape overall also has very nice set of US Grover tuners and no additional holes this one has the classic Stinger on the back like the old Gibsons had, The frets look fine at easily 80 percent left and the fingerboard is of a very high grade Rosewood and looks to be Jacaranda Brazilian Rosewood just beautiful… and straight, Old Gibson style Custom Truss rod cover is also just a nice finishing touch she is ready to play. The play action is excellent it’s low and is also adjustable to your taste easily by the 2 screws at either end of its saddle… Just freshly set-up with a new set of Martin Strings and she rings like a bell now! This guitar sounds GREAT it’s good and loud like the better J200 guitars are known for its tone is sweet from its well crafted heritage and its over 40 years of aging tone woods all this make this an easy choice If looking for a nice vintage Japanese copy of the classic Gibson J200. Please note that this guitar as seen in these pictures is a Sierra and not a Gibson as it looks because its previous owner spend some $300 to have the headstock overlay done back in the early 1990s… it has aged well to and looks correct it was done professionally and it looks the part For a touring musician this is an excellent alternative to touring with your $4000-5000 vintage Gibson, This guitar is a Sierra by Ibanez made in Japan in 1973 and is in very good+ - Excellent vintage condition to this day its finish still shines up like glass, Pics soon to come Stay tuned if wanted let me know at jvguitars@gmail.com


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